Introduced by: Prokout Self Defense System

Who else wants to learn the ultimate in Pressure Point Self defense from the worlds leading authority?

This system is so BRUTAL, that it was IMMEDIATELY BANNED by the police and military!

Introducing Your Instructor: Russell Stutely

Introducing The revolution in
self defense training

The pressure point self defense system

This brand new system from the Worlds Leading authority, is set to revolutionise the way you view and practice self defense.

I want you to imagine this scenario for just one moment:

This material is so powerful, it’s almost unfair.

We can just imagine some airy fairy land snowflakes being offended at your new found abilities to absolutely destroy and annihilate any would be attacker.

This new world of violence demands this sad truth.

The only answer to violence is better violence

But hey, we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

Before we go any further, you need to know who is going to be teaching you this material and why they are the person you need to learn from.

A personal note from Your Instructor:

My name is Russell Stutely and I have been helping people, just like you, to massively increase their effectiveness for over 20 years.

My systems are required learning at 100 Police Academies with over 20,000 Security Officers per year being certified.

This is because my systems work and they work damned fast.

I have worked Security in many Countries on 3 Continents.

I have worked with the Police, Military and Private Contractors since 1995 teaching Defensive Tactics and Self Defense.

I know exactly what will and will not work out there when the proverbial hits the fan.

I know how the criminal scumbags work and how they think.

I will ensure that you are armed with the very best information and training available, so that you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

I guarantee that the Pressure Point Self Defense System (PPSDS) has no equals. You will be transformed - virtually overnight. Our online training courses are the highest quality available, anywhere. Our systems have been tested under the most extreme of conditions.

Prokout Self Defense System

The sky is no longer the limit


Ideal for those who are new or fairly new to Pressure Points and Self Defense and want to ensure that they can protect themselves and loved ones


Ideal for those who have some experience in Pressure Points and Self Defense or for those who want to take their skills to a higher level


ONLY for those who are determined to be the very best. The Gold course is the pinnacle of your Self Defense and Pressure Point training

We are going on a journey
Are you coming?

what people are saying

I have been involved in Martial Arts and Self Defense for 4 Decades. This PPSDS Course is without doubt the finest I have ever seen. Russell has taken his own extremely high standards to an even higher peak.
Paul Mracek
PPSDS Grading Examiner
If you want a Course that will teach you EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about Self Defense then you have found it. Russell is in a class of his own - at the very top of the tree!
Leigh Childs
Multiple Champion
All I can say on the matter is this - The PPSDS is the BEST Training Course I have ever seen. I am proud to be one the founding Instructors and a Mentor for those wanting to join the family and make history together.
Mike Zawadski
PPSDS Grading Examiner
This is the ultimate Self Defense Course made easy to apply. All the principles and techniques you need to succeed are here, ready and waiting for you. Simply follow along step by step or jump straight to the section you want to learn.
John Gaynor
PPSDS Grading Examiner

How it all works

During the last 20 odd years of travelling the World teaching, I have also been learning and refining my craft as a Coach / Instructor / Teacher.

I have observed how people learn best, how they absorb information and how they make that information stick.

To that end, I have made every single lesson with the above in mind.

Everything has a clear, concise and easy to understand method, that is built in layers of understanding.

It sounds a bit of a cliche sometimes, but it is so true, the more you know, then the more you will see and learn.

In other words, every time you improve just a little bit, you can watch a lesson again and improve even more!

All lessons available

One aspect of the way different people learn, is that sometimes, some people need the information in a different order to others.

If we take driving as an example: You may say to one person, put the clutch in and then put it into first gear ready to move away.

To someone else you may say, you need to be in first gear to move away, but before you do that, put the clutch in.

A different order of learning, but the end result is the same.

Knowing this to be the case and that everyone is different, we have opened up every single lesson for you from day one.

Yes, ALL of your lessons are there ready and waiting.

So, for example, if you really needed to know about weapon retention, you can go straight to that module first.

This means you can literally pick what order you learn in.

Now, I have taken the time to put the lessons in the order I recommend – but ultimately the choice is yours.

Cement the learning process

In order to cement the learning process I have also included many training drills that we use and HIGHLY recommend that you put into your training regime.
At first glance, some of them may not make sense, and then all of a sudden as you are training a technique, or learning a new module, you will get a light bulb moment!
This happens ALL the time.
After a few weeks or so, you will be astounded at how much you know and how much you did not know that you now know….. I hope that makes sense!

solo training

Of course training is always better if you have good training partners – that’s a no brainer.
However, there are times, in fact probably most of the time, that we do not have a training partner.
Knowing this to be the case for most people (It is certainly the case for me) I have made sure that you have MANY ways to practice Solo.
You are shown the EXACT methods I use and the EXACT drills that I use for Solo training.
NEVER let the lack of training partners be an excuse for not learning to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What's included

Let’s take a good look at what you receive at each level:

Bronze Membership

Silver Membership

Gold Membership

How It Works

It really is very simple.
Once you are registered, you receive IMMEDIATE and Full access to the whole course.
Each and every lesson is available for you from the first moment.
We recommend taking the following approach.
  • Watch each lesson all the way through
  • Repeat that process again
  • Learn and practice each lesson in turn
  • Add the knowledge of each lesson to the next one
  • Repeat this for each and every lesson
  • Then watch all the lessons again and note how you can add knowledge together
  • Take your grading
  • If you pass, wait a few days for your shiny Certificate to be allocated
 That is the tried and trusted method to advance as quickly as possible.
Don’t try and re-invent the wheel and follow your own way of doing it, you will not find a quicker way than the one set out for you.

The Modules

Let’s take a closer look at the modules contained in the PPSDS.





How Balance Works

6 Lessons

9 Lessons

18 Lessons

Double Your Power

4 Lessons

7 Lessons

10 Lessons

Goto Techniques

4 Lessons

7 Lessons

14 Lessons

The Top 10 Attacks

10 Lessons

10 Lessons

10 Lessons

Pressure Points Limbs

5 Lessons

9 Lessons

13 Lessons

Pressure Points Head & Neck

2 Lessons

4 Lessons

8 Lessons

Training Drills

3 Lessons

6 Lessons

9 Lessons

Pressure Points Torso

5 Lessons

7 Lessons

Pressure Points knockouts

2 Lessons

5 Lessons

How Techniques Work

15 Lessons

Vicious Takedowns

10 Lessons

Limb Destruction

11 Lessons

Grappling Self Defense

16 Lessons

Kill By Numbers

10 Lessons

Locks and Bars

8 Lessons

Ground Fighting Without Fighting

10 Lessons

Weapons & Weapon Retention

12 Lessons

Fitness & Drills Training

3 Lessons

Movement Training Drills

5 Lessons

Bag Drills

8 Lessons

Body Alarm Reaction

12 Lessons

Need to know information

4 Lessons

35 Lessons
+ 2 gradings

58 Lessons
+ 3 gradings

215 Lessons
+ 4 gradings

What You will receive as a Member of
Prokout Self Defense System

Prokout Self Defense System
Bronze Level

Payment Profile:


Immediate Access – even at 4am

Prokout Self Defense System
Silver Level

Payment Profile:


Immediate Access – even at 4am

Prokout Self Defense System
Gold Level

Payment Profile:


Immediate Access – even at 4am

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