Start Your Own Highly Profitable Pressure Point Self Defense Business.

Start Your Own Highly Profitable Pressure Point Self Defense Business.

Part time or full time At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Methods.

Part time or full time At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Traditional Methods.

This Is Not Just A Self Defense Training And Certification Course.

This Is A Business In A Box That Changes Peoples Lives Both Financially And Emotionally.

what people are saying

This is a true life changing opportunity.

A chance to become your own Boss and teach the best system on the Planet. We are running these systems at my School with fantastic success.
Paul Mracek
Grading Examiner

The PPSDS is almost a guarantee of success

As the Worlds leading MA Business Consultant I can assure you, that this system is as close to perfection as you can get.
Leigh Childs
MA Business Consultant

Let me take you 'behind the curtain' and show you how a 'master' does it - live!

Dear Customer,

Today I’m DEFINITELY NOT going to show you exactly how I make money online!

I am going several steps better than that – I am going to set everything up for you to do the same!

The real-life project I’ll tell you about in this letter will show you exactly how I do what I do – and how you can copy my methods for yourself, to start making money in 2021 and beyond!

So keep reading this letter today – and let’s get ready to kick off 2021 with a BANG!

2020 was the biggest year ever for online sales…

But still, for the majority of people, making money online remains a pipe-dream.

Here’s the thing…

You know what is the 2nd best way to do something?

It is to watch a real expert do it ‘live’ and copy them!

For example, let’s say you want to learn how to be a great chef…

How do you learn?

Well, the best way is to watch and learn directly from an expert chef AS he is making food – with you stood right there next to him, watching how he does it!

See what they do, then copy their approach and secrets for yourself.

BUT… What is better than that – is when that Chef is on hand 24/7 to make the perfect meal every single time of asking!

That’s where my Business in a Box comes in.

Keep the Chef analogy going for a moment – imagine the delight of everyone you know, having the PERFECT MEAL delivered INSTANTLY whenever and wherever they want!

That is POWERFUL stuff!

And that is EXACTLY what my Business in a Box will do for you today.

I’ve compiled together a collection of 3 of my best ‘real-life’ Courses that I’ve profited from over the years.

In short, these 3 Courses contain enough information to keep you in Business for MANY years to come.

You can’t get better than this!

I’ve never sat down and calculated all the money these 3 Courses have made for my Clients and myself…but I estimate it’s over half a million Dollars.

And the fact is, the same ‘techniques’ and ‘principles’ behind these Courses have been used in ALL my online courses.

So by accessing these 3 Courses, you’ll be using the EXACT same Secret methods that we use to keep our students GLUED to the lessons practically 24/7.

You’ll be operating in several different but similar niches at the same time, proving how my methods are universal and can be applied to work across a spectrum of markets!

So what are these Courses all about?

Well I’ve compiled 3 of my BEST EVER Courses for you in one easy to use set – to form the foundation of your new Business in a Box.

First up, you’ll get access to my Pressure Point Self Defense System (PPSDS) at 3 levels (Courses)

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

These Courses are all set up and ready for you to sell / give to your Clients / Students / Customers.

Once again…it’s better than learning from the chef – It is HAVING THE Chef do ALL the work – You just invite the guests to Dinner!

The 3 Course collection is almost your ‘one-on-one’ tuition to motivate, inspire and inform you for 2021 and beyond…showing you how anyone can make money with my methods.

There’s never been a better time to sell online than now!

And using this collection of courses, your mind will be motivated into bull-dozer like action, smashing its way to your money-making goals in this New Year.

So what’s the price?

I originally settled on the idea of $1950 Deposit and $95 per Month for this incredible opportunity. A completely fair figure, given that’s around $33 for each project (In fact, even this is rather low).

But here’s the good news.

As a New Year Special, I’m releasing the collection to my list for just $950 Down and then the stupidly low price of $35 Per Month.

That’s an incredible bargain.

You are paying…what? Less than $12 per Business!

So, just so that we are clear here you are getting 3 READY MADE Online Businesses at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

With the following:

When you see this set up for REAL…it will absolutely motivate the heck out of you to run your business like a man possessed!

Yes, I know these Courses will motivate the heck out of you in the New Year period – in what will likely be THE biggest year ever for online selling!

When you see that something is ‘real’…you’re that much closer to doing it for yourself!

You will be starting IMMEDIATELY after sign up.

Our design team will be on hand to create everything for you (Usually in less than 24 hours).

Our accounts department can even set you up with our payment processor for online card transactions (You are Guaranteed to pass their vetting process as one of our valued Customers).

Yeah, I’m taking a risk here by doing this.

But a part of this is giving back – which is a huge reward in its own right.

I am in a position to help you, and others like you to start their own online business, ready done, all set to go for just 35 measly bucks per month. That is only about 25 quid.

You tell me a business that costs 25 quid a Month and has unlimited earning potential in a market that I know…. and I will have as many as I can get.

Last year was huge, and now that people have been trained to buy online, this year will be even bigger.

But you need to have your business ready NOW!

That’s what this OPPORTUNITY is all about.

We have put it all together for you – we are the 24/7 Chef getting ALL your meals ready – All you have to do is bring the guests along.

Order NOW!

And let’s make 2021 your best year ever!

Russell Stutely

The Pressure Point Self Defense System

The PPSDS is the Self Defense system that has taken the Martial Arts and Self Defense World by storm, immediately upon release.

The effectiveness of the system and the speed at which it can be learnt is unparalleled within the Industry.

My name is Russell Stutely and I have been training people just like you for over 20 Years.

Helping them to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations has become my lifes work.

If you want to make a REAL IMPACT in your local community or even further afield, then you are in the right place.

Together, we will work wonders and have you up and running in no time.

Teaching Martial Arts is limited

During these strange and unprecedented times we have ALL witnessed how terrible this situation is for all Martial Arts and Martial Artists.

For years now, I have been advising my friends, colleagues and mentoring students to get their syllabus filmed as a first line of “defense” against things going wrong.

Worst case scenario they can make a DVD or a Digital download available for their students.

Many were “scared” or rather apprehensive about doing such a thing.

They were concerned that their students would just buy the DVD and never come to class.

Those that took my advice – found out this was not the case. The students came to class as well…. obviously.

I told all these people to make an online course from their Syllabus. Something that WE were at the forefront of doing.

My Platinum program for example was started over 14 years ago!

Those that took my advice are getting through these times very well indeed.

Those that did not – came to me for help again last year.

Hence this system was put into place.

You will get my FULL PPSDS System at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

You will have 3 products, ready made, all done for you… “branded” as your own all for a measly 35 bucks a Month after your deposit.

Your ONLY work required is to get your students / customers / colleagues etc to sign up.

You are getting a FULL DONE BUSINESS – With the lowest of expenses.

It is a GOLDEN CHANCE to become TRULY independent!

it gets worse for the Martial Arts teacher

As any School Owner will tell you, the bills can be crippling.

The overheads are there every Month, if you want them or not.

You can never take a holiday.

And if you are lucky enough to be able to take one, you still have to pay all your Monthly bills for a place you are not even using.

Then there are the little niggly things, like cleaning the toilets, the changing rooms, the matted area reception and the list goes on.

The vast majority of Martial Arts Schools are just getting by and have that noose around their neck of the constant Monthly Bills and the long term lease on the building they signed.

Plus they have to pay back the loan or the credit card bills they ran up, just to get the School open. The vast amount of capital outlay on equipment and decorations.

I know of many owners that have spent over $200K to open a School – crazy money!

Just imagine the stress of having to make thousands of dollars each and every Month BEFORE you can even buy a loaf of bread.

That self-employed dream can very quickly turn into a nightmare!

How we learned the Martial Arts is antiquated – Those days will NEVER return.

Martial Arts requires, no demands, that you are in class at a specific time on a specific day.

What you learn depends on the mood of the Instructor – so it could be weeks or months before you get to concentrate on what you need to know.

Plus in a 1 Hour class with 30,40 or 50 students in attendance – How much personal instruction do you actually get? Maybe a minute or two!


The teaching methods within Martial Arts are also incredibly antiquated.

They gloss over this inadequacy by using the “historical” method approach.

That being along the lines of: This is how it has been taught for hundreds of years in Japan/ Korea / China etc etc

Just imagine taking that same process into a normal educational School or University.

You receive no text books, no notebooks, no written material whatsoever.

You have to somehow remember what you have been taught – and it is in a random order as well.

It is obvious that these methods simply do not work.

It is time to change the way you think and how you teach martial arts and time to bring it, kicking and screaming into the 21st Century.

The personal trainer method

If you look at the personal trainer method and combine that with the online teaching capabilities you will be able to build a profitable business without signing a lease or worrying about enrollments and renewals.

If you have an existing school or gym you’re going to be able to expand your reach to literally millions of people who need self defense but don’t want martial arts.

Because – Not everyone wants martial arts, but everyone needs self defense.

No long term commitment

The personal trainer method means that you do not have any long term leases to sign and therefore no long term agreements and commitments to worry about.

Most of the time, you have less than one Month, that you have already paid!

you are open 24/7

Our unique and world leading online courses and lessons, mean that you are effectively able to teach 24/7 and get paid for clients whilst you are asleep, on holiday or simply just enjoying time with your family.

Just imagine going on holiday for two weeks and coming back to a healthier bank balance than when you left!

no gym needed

If you already have a Martial Arts School, then the PPSDS can be added immediately as an extremely profitable addition.

You will capture those prospects that you would normally miss. the ones lacking the time or the ability to commit to a long term MA Program!

Now, if you are on the Personal Trainer Method, you can teach anywhere.

Most of our Instructors teach from home, at the clients home or indeed at the local fitness gym. Some even rent a room at a local leisure centre when they need one.

The choice is unlimited!

no experience required

We will train you, certify you and take you step by step to build your business from the ground up.

It doesn’t matter if you currently have a school, a gym, or personal training experience.

We will walk you through the process and stay with you for your entire self defense career to accelerate your development as a well-respected Pressure Point Self Defense System instructor.

Most Martial Arts teachers are stunned to see how quickly one can become a PPSDS Instructor.

I want you to think about this for a moment and let it sink in. 

Here are the ACTUAL time required to become a registered Coach / Instructor for some well known Sports (no previous experience required)

  • Boxing Coach – 4 Days
  • Swimming Coach – 4 Days
  • Golf Coach – 5 Days

The pressure point self defense system (PPSDS) training method

First of all, The PPSDS is JUST about self defense.

There are no Katas / Forms or Patterns to learn.

No pointless up and down doing basics in thin air.

No sport, no antiquated ceremony, no trophies, no sparring, and no egos.

It has one specific goal in mind – Self Defense!

It’s a progressive learning system. 

This means the student is shown the quickest and best route from the beginning.

Once they learn the primary tactics, principles and strikes, they learn how to apply them to any situation. 

It’s like you’re giving them the key to unlock the self defense puzzle.

No hundreds of specific defenses to remember. 

This is because under REAL stress you’re only going to be able to recall PRINCIPLES as oppose to techniques.

Those principles that have been taught – will be on hand IMMEDIATELY should the need arise.

Last and by certainly no means least, we have the Online Learning Portal.

This is the foundation of the Pressure Point Self Defense System.

This is where you will find every lesson laid out for you in brilliant High Definition, clearly labelled and in the correct order to cement the learning process at its fastest.

This is where ALL your students can learn AT THEIR OWN PACE and know exactly what they need to learn and practice.

If they have any questions, they simply contact you via the Portal or one our Level 3 Instructors can help with their enquiry. (Our support Team also monitor the Portal 24/7)

Thanks to the PPSDS Training Portal your students can train 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember: Most people don’t want or actually need the martial arts experience. 

Most adults just want to know exactly what it takes to protect themselves and their loved ones. 

Unfortunately, up till we came along, there really weren’t that many options, you either have to find a martial arts school where you could take years to not learn any relevant self defense or get your shoulder dislocated rolling around with some maniac or you take a self defense seminar and forget everything you learned a few days later.

Our PPSDS teaching platform enables clients to train with you periodically and then continue to train on their own. 

This “tethered” training will keep them coming back every few months over the course of a few years instead of quitting after the first few months never to be seen again because they missed a few classes and think they fell too far behind.

Why My Methods work

The simple answer is this – I am living proof that they work.

The very fact that you are here and about to join the PPSDS and start your own business is one of the reasons my methods work.


That is the secret to my and now your success.

The PPSDS is so far in advance of anything else out there and so much easier to teach and learn, that, quite frankly, there is no serious competition.

your income streams

As a PPSDS Business in a Box owner you will have a variety of income streams.

The is a multi-level, multiple income stream opportunity that will allow you to make money 24/7 whilst empowering your students at the same time.

You will be that person that TRULY makes a difference!

Online Instruction

At the heart of your teaching is the PPSDS Online Training Portal. Open 24/7 and to students anywhere in the World.


Once your students complete the PPSDS Course (we can certify them on your behalf) and you can charge them whatever you want.

Live Instruction

You could also teach your own live classes via Zoom (we have integrated this into your Membership) if you wish.

Live Instruction

Teach classes, private lessons or semi-private groups for a few sessions or a few months. We will help you develop a business model that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Student Certification

You will be able to train and certify your students at any time day or night 24/7.

Online Instruction

At the heart of your teaching is the PPSDS Online Training Portal. As an instructor you will be able to teach and coach anyone, anywhere.


Let everyone know about your new Business. They can come from your social network or blog, they don’t have to be your physical student.

Become a Mentor

As a Mentor instructor you will be able to mentor and develop your own Network of instructors online, who can help generate more students.


Once you are up and running, you can offer various products and services to your own loyal band of customers.

Affiliate Network

As an instructor you will be able to enroll online students. They can come from your social network or blog, and they don’t have to be your physical student.

Become a Mentor

As a Mentor instructor you will be able to mentor and develop your own instructors either in person or online.

Certifying Instructors

As a mentor you will be able to certify and develop instructors and help them develop their businesses just like your mentor helped you.

The PPSDS Launch Kit

We will ensure that you will hit the ground running as a fully certified and qualified PPSDS Instructor with the full back up and assistance of the whole Team.

Your PPSDS Journey

The first thing to happen is that you will be enrolled on the PPSDS Gold Level Instructor Course, where we will be on hand to help, guide and advise, every step of the way.

Gold Level Instructor

Our online training course is the most advanced system of its kind, in the World.
Over 200 lessons in stunning High Definition and hundreds of pages of documentation are just the start.
You will have the support of your direct Mentor and the rest of the PPSDS Team.
You will reach the pinnacle of Self Defense training - and very quickly!

Whilst you are training to complete your PPSDS Gold level, you will also begin your PPSDS Business Training, so that you can “hit the ground running”.

PPSDS Business Training

Our unique business systems will generate income for you, whilst you sleep.
You can start part-time and go full time at your leisure.
Imagine the feeling of being your own boss, having more time with your Family and loved ones, whilst doing what you love.
You will be empowering your community and at the same time be rewarded for your actions.

What else is included in your PPSDS Business package?

We reserve the right to ADD MORE to your PPSDS Business Package at no extra cost to you.

The PPSDS Business Package will include but NOT BE limited to the below:

What is a sub-account?

This is your main income stream and has all the features and benefits you and your students could ever wish for.

Once you have your Agency Membership you can allocate up to 100 places “underneath” your Membership.

You are able to charge whatever amount you like.

Let’s take a look at 2 simple examples :

1 You start a 6 week Self Defense Course and enrol 20 Students at $150.00 per Student.

You take in $3000.00 and keep all of it.

You allocate those Students Access to online training for 6 weeks, where they can login and enjoy ALL the features and benefits of the PPSDS Course.

You now have 100 Available Sub-Accounts Less 20 Sold = 70 Sub-Accounts available.

At the end of that 6 Weeks you have a choice.

You can leave the access in place – Meaning you still have 70 Sub-Accounts left

Or, you can withdraw access and you still have ALL 100 of your Sub-Accounts available again.

2 You “sell” a Monthly subscription to your Self Defense Lessons. 

This includes Access to the Online lessons and maybe some private lessons (For which you charge extra) with you via Zoom or in person.

You charge $30.00 a Month for Membership and your students enjoy all the Online features and benefits for every Month they are actively paying you.

That could give you a basic income of $1500.00 a Month with ZERO rent to pay, electricity etc.

PLUS – You charge extra for your private lessons via Zoom or in person.

Just 8 hours a week and you could be earning an extra $3000.00 a Month.

You can use your Memberships however you wish.

Once your students are Certified, you can also choose if you wish to charge for Graduation and Certification. 

We supply you with the Graduation and Certification paperwork for FREE.

Your Elite Members Area

Let’s take a quick tour of your Elite Members Area and how to allocate your sub accounts and MUCH more.

We have made this as simple as possible so that your Sub-Account Members can start learning in a couple of clicks.

Plus, you can allocate Sub-Accounts in a couple of clicks!

Your FREE Bonus Items

Bonus 1 - Crazy pricing

We have reduced the initial deposit down from $9997.00 to Only $1950.00. Saving you a massive $8047.00.


Bonus 2 - Double the members

You automatically receive 100 Members upon sign up. Our Tech Team will manually add an EXTRA 100 Members for you FREE OF CHARGE. This means you will have 200 ACTIVE MEMBERSHIPS available.

Bonus 3 - PPSDS Paperwork

Almost 400 pages of incredible information. Detailed booklets on self defense avoidance and awareness, pressure point locations, graphics and how to's. INCREDIBLE information.

Bonus 4 - Zoom Integration

This is a GAME CHANGER. You can connect your FREE or Paid Zoom account to your Membership.
This means you can hold LIVE meetings with your students, live training, live gradings - the only limit is your imagination.
PLUS - You can automatically notify all your Students of meetings and / or E mail all of them with ONE CLICK!

Bonus 5 - The Archives

Full and immediate access to about 90 Full length Instructional DVD's that you can watch online 24/7. A TRUE VALUE of about $14K USD!

Bonus 6 - Personalisation

The site AND Your Group can be fully Personalised. This means that everything looks like YOU created it.

Bonus 7 - Concierge Service

Let us set up everything for you at NO CHARGE. That's right, we will do it for you, so you can hit the ground running.


Pressure Point Self Defense System
Turnkey Business

Now Only $950 deposit
Then $35 Per Month

Look at what you receive as one of our Elite Business Partners.

PLUS – These extra FREE Bonus items for the first 10 people to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

My Disclaimer:

It is this simple. Not everyone gets the same results. Some people work hard and smart and do very well. Other people do nothing and blame everyone else when things go wrong for them. I make no apology for the FACT that you need to work at this opportunity. If hard work frightens you, then you are not meant to be self-employed.



Copyright © 2020 Russell Stutely. All Rights Reserved.

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