Affiliate Information

When you login to PayproGlobal you will see a main page with your aff stuff on… at the bottom will be some links like these:

REMEMBER: You MUST replace “6962” with your Affiliation Agreement Number.

We will send you links to the Landing Page that will end with 6962 – which you MUST change to your own Number!

Order Page redirect: This is a DIRECT payment link to the payment processor. Our system is set up so that it will work and the customer will get access to the site as if they signed up from there. 

The Product ID is on the FIRST COLUMN of the table ( 60088 ) in this example. 

It will be different for each product of course.

This means you could use this direct payment link on your Blog or your own Sales pages.

Remember: We do NOT tolerate spammers or those who purchase lists.